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Saariaho - Spins and spells for cello

Saariaho - Spins and spells for cello. You can download the PDF sheet music Saariaho - Spins and spells for cello on this page. Spins and Spells (1997) for solo cello was, like Tocar, written as a compulsory competition piece, in this case for the Rostropovich Cello Competition in Paris. One of its curiosities is the use of scordatura or unconventional tuning: two of the strings are tuned down, so instead of the standard C–G–D–A tuning we have Bb–G–C#–A. Saariaho uses this tuning to create new sonorities and unusual harmonics. The title describes the two gestures of which the piece essentially consists: spiralling ‘spins’ and arrested ‘spells’ focusing on tonal colour and texture. The piece opens with fragile harmonics and progresses into a continuum of dynamic figures on the one hand and static tonal-colour moments on the other. A traditional melodic gesture emerges twice from the texture, a memento of the history of the instrument.

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Cello part: 14 pages. 5865 K



Saariaho - Spins and spells for cello - Cello part - first page
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