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Sevcik - Cello exercises

Sevcik - Cello exercises. You can download the sheet music Sevcik - Cello exercises on this page. This unique musical composition is the significant masterpiece opus for string instrument with brilliant virtuoso of music. This composition impresses the listeners magnificent dialog between intonations of cello and piano and different musical characteristics.

The adapting of Professor O. Sevсik's Violin Exercises (Op. 8) for the Violoncello, has been undertaken in the hope that they will be of great service to students in the mastery of the difficulties of "shifting:" We believe that these Exercises form a scheme of detailed practice of " Positions that has not before been included in Violoncello Technical Studies. The Bowings are as in the original, but it should be remembered that to obtain the greatest benefit from these Exercises, they should be practiсed with a variety of bowings. For this purpose the Sevсik - Feuillard Bowing Technique, Op. 2. Part I would be invaluable.
Haidee Boyd (Pupil of Professor J. Klengel, Leipsic) Helen Boyd (Pupil of Rnafessor O.Sevcik, Prague)
To view the first page of Sevcik - Cello exercises click the music sheet image.

PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 26 pages. 4334 K

Instrument part - First page

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