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Stamitz - Cello concerto C major N4

Stamitz - Cello concerto C major N4. You can download the PDF sheet music Stamitz - Cello concerto C major N4 on this page. Stamitz' C major Cello Concerto N4 perfectly demonstrates his own style, closest to that of Mozart in his concertante music, and with a similar buildup in the opening tutti. The cello entry - Allegro moderato - however, is a direct link with Haydn. Fulsome, expressive and extremely vocal in character, it spans about two octaves and is mainly in the key of C major. After another piano insert, the cellist resumes his music line for further exploits and then there is a cadenza that journeys from mid to high regions, where there is a lengthy discussion, quoting elements of the various themes in fresh guises. Cadenza also has some streaming brilliant passages. The middle movement is Andante graziozo. There is some lovely, moulded phrasing between soloist and piano in F major. . The Rondo finale is allegretto, made up of repeated music phrases, its opening theme partially echoed by the soloist. C minor second subject does not impede the music's joyful progress, and cello harmonics contribute to the general pleasure.

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Instrument part: 10 pages. 4117 K


Piano part: 32 pages. 14972 K


Stamitz - Cello concerto C major N4 - Instrument part - first page Stamitz - Cello concerto C major N4 - Piano part - first page
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Stamitz was a German composer and violinist, the son of Bohemian-born Johann Wenzel Stamitz , a court player and famous musical director. Stamitz took lessons from his father and spent eight, years in the Mannheim Orchestra. He journeyed first to Paris - with his brother Anton who played the violin and viola - and then on to London in the late 1770s, returning to Jena as a conductor. lie is also known to have visited Russia. Stamitz composed operas, symphonies and concerted works for string and woodwind instruments, plus some chamber music.
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