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Stravinsky - Italian suite for cello

Stravinsky - Italian suite for cello. You can download the PDF sheet music Stravinsky - Italian suite for cello on this page. As early as 1922, Stravinsky arranged an orchestral suite in 11 movements, eliminating the vocal parts. Three years later, he arranged a suite for violin and piano, which he revised in 1933, with the help of violinist Samuel Dushkin. This was called the Suite italienne, as was the version for cello and piano, realised in collaboration with the famous Russian-born cellist Gregor Piatigorsky. It consists of only five movements: a pompous, theatrical Introduzione, followed by a melancholy Serenata in the form of a delightful Italian cantilena. The third piece, Aria, was originally a grotesque aria huffa for the bass soloist. Next comes a lively, virtuoso Tarantella, followed by the final movement, which begins with a jolly stylised Minuetto and concludes with a brilliantly festive Finale.

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Instrument part: 13 pages. 7735 K


Piano part: 36 pages. 8636 K


Stravinsky - Italian suite for cello - Instrument part - first page Stravinsky - Italian suite for cello - Piano part - first page
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