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Taktakishvili - Cello concerto

Taktakishvili - Cello concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music Taktakishvili - Cello concerto on this page. This good-looking and outstanding cello piece by the talented author - is still the exclusive illustration of string composition for classical cello. The music sounds rather European, what with the jubilant brass and numerous cymbals, but the implicit local colour is there, too.

Otar Vasilisdze Taktakishvili was a prominent Georgian composer, teacher, conductor, and musicologist of the Soviet period.  Taktakishvili studied at the Tbilisi Conservatory under Aleksandr Gauk, Sergei V. Barchudarian and Andria Balanchivadze. The composer’s early influences were Georgian folk music, composers of the classical era, e.g. Mozart, J.S. Bach and Beethoven, and more modern composers, including Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostakovich. In his senior year, Taktakishvili had the opportunity to study with Dmitri Shostakovich, and that led to a long-standing collaboration and friendship.
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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 16 pages. 818 K


Piano part: 52 pages. 3852 K


Taktakishvili - Cello concerto - Instrument part - first page Taktakishvili - Cello concerto - Piano part - first page
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