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Vivaldi - Concert C-dur for cello and orchestra RV398

Vivaldi - Concert C-dur for cello and orchestra RV398. You can download the sheet music Vivaldi - Concert C-dur for cello and orchestra RV398 on this page. This colorful cello composition is the significant sample of work for cello by Vivaldi, the well-known composer. This composition amaze the listeners by the engrossing dialog between two instruments and different string features.

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Cello part: 6 pages. 270 K


Piano part: 21 pages. 886 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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Rostropovich playing Vivaldi - Concert C-dur for cello RV398
In 1979 the panlsh musicologist Peter Ryom listed 27 concertos for cello and orchestra alone In his Vivaldi catalogue (RV stands for Ryom Verzelchnis). This is a meagre output compared with Vivaldi's violin concertos, which number almost 400 or his 40 oboe concertos. However, given that the cello was seldom used as a solo Instrument around 1700, 27 solo concertos would seem considerable. What Is truly remarkable Is that some cello concertos were composed before the violin concertos. Presumably Vivaldi both played and taught cello, although there is nothing which documents this. The earliest datable work is the Concerto in C Minor, RV 402, which was found In the remarkable music library of Count Rudolf Franz Erwein von Schônborn. Vivaldi had already perfected his rltornello form to a high degree in this work, setting the succinct orchestral refrains against improvised solo passages. The Count, who played the cello himself, acquired a copy of this Concerto in 1709 for aristocratic music-making at home. It was purchased In Venice. Even In those days visitors flocked to Venice to enjoy the pre-Lenten carnival and to view the art treasures in the city of lagoons. Composers and painters benefited from the tourists, many of them aristocrats. The music-loving count bought more concertos in 1713.
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