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Weber - Cello concerto D-dur op.74 (Cassado)

Weber - Cello concerto D-dur op.74 (Cassado). You can download the PDF sheet music Weber - Cello concerto D-dur op.74 (Cassado) on this page. This cello concerto in the Gaspar Cassado transcription has a great melodic profusion, in all its variety, permeates the movement, and it is in the extremes of contrast that the essence of the whole work lies. Even within a classical framework, Weber's Romantic imagination is running high in this cello piece. The thematic richness of the work takes a new form.

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Instrument part: 9 pages. 6414 K


Piano part: 26 pages. 10617 K


Weber - Cello concerto D-dur op.74 (Cassado) - Instrument part - first page Weber - Cello concerto D-dur op.74 (Cassado) - Piano part - first page
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Carl Maria von Weber was born in a theatrical family. Born five years before the death of Mozart, Weber died the year before Beethoven (who had been 16 when he was born). He was one of the founding composers of the new musical romanticism, and became a focus for German national feeling in music. Wagner later said that there was 'never a more German composer'. Weber's life is centered on a succession of appointments, at first to the aristocracy. Before he was 18 he became Kapellmeister at Breslau and within two years had moved on to the castle of Carlsruhe in Silesia and within another year to Stuttgart, also making a reputation as a music virtuoso. A period of financial difficulty saw extensive concert tours, for which he wrote some piano and clarinet compositions.
In 1813 he was appointed Director of the German Opera in Prague and three years later he moved to the German Opera in Dresden where he married, and Dresden remained the focus of the rest of his life though he still toured extensively. He died in London aged 39.
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