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Wielhorski - Air Varie for cello and orchestra

Wielhorski - Air Varie for cello and orchestra. You can download the PDF sheet music Wielhorski - Air Varie for cello and orchestra on this page.

Vielgorsky Mikhail (1788-1856) was an amateur violinist, pianist and composer, lived in Riga, studied with Cherubini in Paris ; He was a son of a polish diplomat at the russian court count Juri Wielhorski of Volhynia ; brother of violist Josef Wielhorski, cellist Aleksandr Wielhorski and cellist/composer count Matvey Vielgorsky. Mikhail Wielhorsky received a broad musical education from several famous teachers, notably Martin y Soler. He played the violin and piano, and when only 13 composed his first pieces, a set of songs with orchestral accompaniment. Later he wrote a number of sentimental ballads to Lermontov’s poem, and settings of Pushkin, Myatlyov and Prince Pyotr Vyazemsky. He moved to Paris (1808), took lessons from Cherubini and met Beethoven in Vienna. When he returned to Russia he settled in St Petersburg and swiftly established himself as a patron of music; but in 1816 he was banished from court for marrying his first wife's sister and had to live on his estate, in the Kursk government. Even here he did much to promote interest in music, performing in concerts himself and arranging for his private orchestra to play major works by Western composers, including Beethoven’s symphonies. In 1823 he was given permission to move to Moscow, and  then he returned to St Petersburg, where he lived with his brother Mateusz Wielhorski and became friendly with Glinka. In 1856 he moved to his estate near Moscow, where he died.
The Wielhorski brothers were at least as important to concert promotion during the first half of the 19th century as the Rubinstein brothers were in the second. They introduced many contemporary Western composers to Russia, and they encouraged Liszt, Berlioz, Schumann and other important composers and artists to take part in their concerts.

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Instrument part: 8 pages. 872 K


Piano part: 17 pages. 2121 K


Wielhorski - Air Varie for cello and orchestra - Instrument part - first page Wielhorski - Air Varie for cello and orchestra - Piano part - first page
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