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Galamian - Scale system for viola

Galamian - Scale system for viola

Galamian - Scale system for viola. You can download the PDF sheet music Galamian - Scale system for viola on this page. In 1966, Ivan Galamian and Frederick Neumainn co-authored the renowned violin scale system book; Contemporary Violin Technique. During their lives, they had hoped to adapt their method for viola. Demand for technical perfection from violists has increased enormously. This is especially true with contemporary music. Today's violist enjoys greater prominence than ever before and therefore requires a regimen of technical exercises. Technique gained from studying scales produces confident playing and with it the freedom to express musical ideas. This adaptation provides a comprehensive version of the Galamian/Neumann method for violists at all levels of development or professional achievement. In the Galamian Scale System, scales and arpeggios are uniquely integrated with a system of bowing and rhythm patterns. The patterns are designed to help the student derive greater and quicker benefit from scale and arpeggio practice.

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Instrument part: 114 pages. 15114 K



Galamian - Scale system for viola - Instrument part - first page
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Since technical mastery depends more upon control of mind over muscle than upon mere agility of fingers, the direct way to such mastery lies through working procedures which present a constant challenge to the student's thinking processes. For this reason new problems must always be faced and solved. To provide such new problems in almost inexhaustible supply is the chief purpose of these patterns. At the head of each chapter in this scale book B and R code numbers are listed to indicate the applicable patterns. J Primary patterns in which the exercise would first be practiced are also given.
To facilitate the use of various bowings, rhythms and their combinations, all note-heads in the exercises are printed without stems. Bowing patterns are shown by note-heads which do not indicate any specific time value, | meter or rhythm. Rhythm patterns are presented without any indications for specific bowings. The teacher will be the best judge of which bowings, rhythms and their combinations will most usefully serve the needs of each student. It is suggested that the patterns be utilized in a diversified fashion and that the rhythms I and bowings be employed in constantly changing combinations to stimulate continuous interest.
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