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Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies for viola op.45 (Book 1)

Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies for viola op.45 (Book 1)

Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies op.45 (Book 1). You can download the PDF sheet music Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies op.45 (Book 1) on this page. This is a viola transcription of violin studies. In this first book there are first 30 studies, useful for each viola player.

The study of the viola presents certain difficulties for beginners which are frequently the cause of a sudden abatement in the pupil's zeal and ambition, even before he has mastered the first first rudiments.
The blame for this is commonly laid on the teacher, who is called incapable or negligent; losing sight of the fact that the pupil began his studies without the slightest notion, not merely of the difficulties to be encountered, but also of the regular and assiduous industry indispensable for surmounting them.
It is important, therefore, to smooth these first asperities by showing their utility and making them agreeable; to this end my Viola Method was published and the present Exercises have been written, which latter may be considered as forming a supplement to the former.
If practised carefully and intelligently, they will serve as a solid foundation for the technique of any player ambitious to become an artist.


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To view the first page of Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies op.45 (Book 1) click the music sheet image.

PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 28 pages. 366 K


Piano part: Missed


Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies op.45 (Book 1) - Instrument part - first page Wohlfahrt - 60 Studies op.45 (Book 1) - Piano part - first page
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