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Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major

Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major

Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major . You can download the PDF sheet music Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major on this page. This sonata was first published in 1906 as an early work by Beethoven (1770— 1827). There is a strong feeling today that the attribution is spurious, but a definite conclusion concerning the authenticity of the work has still to be reached. The sonata consists of four movements; while reticent in terms of virtuosic display, the work has an unusual structure and is composed in a highly individual manner.

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Flute part: 7 pages. 444 K


Piano part: 23 pages. 1665 K


Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major  - Flute part - first page Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major  - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
The manuscript of the work, found among Beethoven's belongings after his death, is at present housed in the German National Library, and is clearly not in Beethoven's own hand. The work was attributed to Beethoven by A. W. Thayer, but this attribution was subsequently called into question by H. Rie-mann. G. Kinsky and H. Halm, in their 1955 edition of "Works without Opus Numbers" by Beethoven, place the sonata in Appendix 4 among works of spurious attribution, but while casting doubt on its authenticity, state that if the sonata is in fact by Beethoven it probably dates from around 1790. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians dates the work from between 1790 and 1792. However, doubts about its authenticity do not detract from the fact this is a major work for (lute from toward the end of the 18th century.
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