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Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute

Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute

Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute. You can download the PDF sheet music Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute on this page. Joaquin Rodrigo has devoted his long life to the composition of a musical 'archive' of every facet of his country - places, people, social life, folk-music. His music is a guide to Spain, past and present, speaking through a diversity of voices that range from the solo flute to the sonority of the full orchestra. His output includes several concertos and solo pieces for guitar, as well as concertos for flute, cello, violin, harp and piano. In addition he has composed a large quantity of orchestral and instrumental music, songs, ballets, and music for the cinema. Also, this great Concierto pastoral for flute is a well-known composition.

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Flute part: 23 pages. 2880 K


Piano part: 68 pages. 24042 K


Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute - Flute part - first page Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Rodrigo has been blind since the age of three, and though he does not play the guitar (he Is a virtuoso pianist) his writing for it Is skilful and highly idiomatic. Blindness may heighten the other senses and, Indeed, in Rodrigo's case it has done so to a remarkable degree. Joaquin Rodrigo has received very many honours in his long life, but none more rewarding than the latest, the award of the Prince of Asturlas Prize, second in artistic prestige only to the Nobel Prize. The list of 68 nominees Included many very famous names In the world of music. Joaquín Rodrigo was born in Valencia in 1901. He studied music with Paul Dukas in Paris and, despite his blindness, went on to become on of Spain's most popular composers.
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