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Azarashvili - Viola concerto

Azarashvili - Viola concerto

Azarashvili - Viola concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music Azarashvili - Viola concerto on this page. The present Viola Concerto dates from 1973 and is an outstanding example of the breath of Georgian classical music, which has always drawn on the region's manifold cultural traditions. A two-movement work, it contains elements of Georgian folk music as well as Romantic melodies and the vague grotesqueness of a composer like Shostakovich. The concerto is made up of two parts. The first, slower "Lento" section is inspired by an underlying mood and sustained by an inward-looking melody for the viola. The second section, motion "Allegro" conversely, begins with virtuosic, uninhibitedly folklike passages. But at the end the viola and orchestra then slowly floats away into triple pianissimo.

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Viola part: 11 pages. 2975 K


Piano part: 39 pages. 9385 K


Azarashvili - Viola concerto - Viola part - first page Azarashvili - Viola concerto - Piano part - first page
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The Republic of Georgia have always been notable for the rich abundance of musical live. Among the most impressive discoveries has been the musical scene in the Republic of Georgia, which owes its international reputation in particular to Giya Kancheli. The music of Vaja Azarashvili reveals an affinity with Kancheli's melancholic but songlike style. Vaja taught at the capital's State Conservatory from the early 1970s. Vaja Azarashvili's composer's heritage extends from chamber works and orchestral pieces to operettas, but he has also written concertos for the viola and for the cello.
23 July 2019
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