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Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata

Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata

Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata. You can download the PDF sheet music Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata on this page. This viola sonata has three movements - Dramatico, Evocativo and Agitado. This sonata uses elements of folklore, and later assimilated dodecaphonic, atonal, random and polytonal resources. Brenno Blauth (1931 - 1993) was a Brazilian composer and teacher. He studied in Porto Alegre with Ênio de Freitas e Castro and in Rio de Janeiro with Paulo Silva and Newton Pádua. In 1963 he moved to São Paulo, improving with Camargo Guarnieri and starting to teach. In his compositions, he had a first phase of a nationalist character. In its last phase, it sought a return to traditional forms in an original interpretation. In 1963 he represented Brazil at the Festival of Musical Youth in Paris, in 1974 he won the Chamber Music Award from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, and his work was posthumously presented at the XIII Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music in 1999. His compositions are today heard in Brazil and around the world.

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Viola part: 9 pages. 1244 K


Piano part: 37 pages. 5246 K


Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata - Viola part - first page Blauth Brenno - Viola sonata - Piano part - first page
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15 December 2020
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