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Butsko - Viola sonata (1976)

Butsko - Viola sonata (1976)

Butsko - Viola sonata (1976). You can download the PDF sheet music Butsko - Viola sonata (1976) on this page. Yuri Markovich Butsko (1938-2015) was a Soviet and a Russian composer. Butsko's musical system is inextricably linked with the ancient Russian world from which it born, and also with the personality of the composer. Many of the composer's works use a special harmonic and polyphonic modal system based on the principles of Old Russian monodic (monophonic) church chants. Some of Butsko's works (including large forms) still remain unperformed and unpublished. Sonata for viola and piano (1976) was dedicated to Mikhail Nikolaevich Tolpygo - the russian violist and music teacher. This viola sonata has a continuous motion and is not divided into separate parts.

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PDF format sheet music

Viola part: 16 pages. 1355 K


Piano part: 43 pages. 1669 K


Butsko - Viola sonata (1976) - Viola part - first page Butsko - Viola sonata (1976) - Piano part - first page
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20 January 2021
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