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David Gyula - Viola concerto

David Gyula - Viola concerto

David Gyula - Viola concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music David Gyula - Viola concerto on this page. The Viola concerto by Gyula David, which dates from 1951, is almost classical in effect. The composer, who was born at Budapest in 1913, treats the solo part in a manner more essentially characteristic of the instrument than was the case in Bartok's Viola concerto - this is probably a result of the fact that David was an orchestral viola player himself before taking up his appointment as professor at the Budapest conservatorie.

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Viola part: 15 pages. 3033 K


Piano part: 32 pages. 7495 K


David Gyula - Viola concerto - Viola part - first page David Gyula - Viola concerto - Piano part - first page
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Despite the vigorous echoes of folk music and its use of assymmetrical phrases the influence of Beethoven is unmistakable in this work, most noticeably in the employment as motifs of lengthy scale passages, and in the organic collaboration of soloist and orchestra. Thus the powerfully energetic first movement is constructed in the traditional sonata form. The tenderly flowing melody of the slow movement, which is in three sections, is freely decorated by the solo instrument, though the cantabile contours of the melody always shine through the ornamentation. The Rondo which follows - it is inthe Lydian mode and may be regarded as an act of homage to Bartok - concludes the work. In dancelike principal theme is soon linked with a phrase constructed on fourths, then with a graceful melody reminiscene of a folk song. The brilliant line of the solo viola, here again based on the melody, takes the stage at the center of the movement.

David's Viola concerto is dedicated to Pal Lukacz. This soloist, who was born in 1919, won the first prize for viola playing at the International Musical Competition held at Geneva in 1948, and since 1946 he has been a professor at the Academy of Music in Budapest.

31 March 2020
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