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Denisov - Senecio for viola solo

Denisov - Senecio for viola solo

Denisov - Senecio for viola solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Denisov - Senecio for viola solo on this page. This is the second part from Edison Denisov's music composition "Three Paintings by Paul Klee". Paul Klee was a Swiss artist. His work was interesting to the composer. This part of the cycle - "Senecio" - looks like a strange portrait of a person, which is made up of squares of different colors: multi-colored eyes that look in different directions, multi-colored parts of the face. Music has a state of anxiety, tension, and rather unpleasant - it paints the face of a "living doll". Therefore, this music is harsh and nervous. This piece for viola solo is a large, virtuoso, and very technically difficult cadenza.

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Viola part: 5 pages. 1130 K



Denisov - Senecio for viola solo - Viola part - first page
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11 October 2020
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