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Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription)

Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription)

Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription). You can download the PDF sheet music Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription) on this page. In this viola transcription the original key was retained , not only for the sake of the piano part hut also because much of the violin part is written in a low register. The places where the viola must play an octave lower do not affect the harmony, rhythm or form of the Sonata. The viola part is inserted, The piano part is a reproduction of the original Violin Sonata edition.
In 1917, Elgar received a letter from his friend, George Sinclair: "My dear Edward, I want to tell you about a wonderful viola player , I never heard anyone to approach him - his name is Lionel Tertis. it would be splendid if you could write something for him to play..."
Despite transcriptions made during his lifetime (including Tertis's arrangement of the Cello Concerto), Elgar did not compose any solo pieces for viola. In 1918 his Violin Sonata was first performed and the following description from the book, Sir Edward Elgar by J.F.Porte (1921) reflects my own feelings for this work: "A close study of the Sonata reveals, beyond the contrasting elements of vigour and contemplative beauty, a depth that cannot easily be ignored."

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PDF format sheet music

Viola part: 12 pages. 1712 K

Piano part: 37 pages. 5690 K

Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription) - Viola part - first page Elgar - Viola sonata op.82 (viola transcription) - Piano part - first page
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03 September 2021
Last Updated on 03 September 2021
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