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Enescu - Concert piece for viola (Concertstuck)

Enescu - Concert piece (Concertstuck) for viola. You can download the sheet music Enescu - Concert piece for viola on this page. The Concertstück by George Enescu is a competition test-piece. It is unashamedly lyrical with great virtuosity demanded of the violist. The work combines the spirit of an abundance of sweeping melodies, infused with impressionistic textures plus the rhythmic folk motives of Enescu’s homeland. The Anime, begins with startling seventh chords leading into an agitated passage in G minor which reverts to the thematic material of the work’s opening. The virtuosity of the piece is augmented yet more by furious cascades of semiquavers mounting towards the exhilarating conclusion.

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PDF format sheet music


Viola part: 6 pages. 1385 K


Piano part: 28 pages. 4600 K


Viola part - First page Piano part - First page
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Last Updated on 23 August 2017
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