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Khandoshkin - Variations for Viola

Khandoshkin - Variations for Viola - Borisovsky edition. You can download the PDF sheet music Handoshkin - Variations for Viola on this page. This soulful and charming string opus of recognized creator - Handoshkin - is a exclusive sample of repertoire for classical viola. Composer's work impress the violist by amusing character of bow and accompaniment tones and other string tricks. Engraved viola Variations for Viola inspire the soloist by strict bright viola harmony of viola sound and many other custom elements.

To view the first page of Handoshkin - Variations for Viola click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Viola part: 8 pages. 2093 K


Piano part: 19 pages. 4570 K


Viola part - First page Piano part - First page
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Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Khandoshkin composed works for violin, both solo and accompanied, showing a marked preference for sonatas and sets of variations on Russian folktunes. Although in his later compositions he retained all the essential ornamentation and development principles of classical variation forms, he also displayed quite remarkable inventiveness by the use of numerous contrasts of tempo and structure and through the exploitation of hidden polyphonies.

Ivan Yevstafyevich Khandoshkin (1747-1804) was a brilliant violinist, composer and chapel master. He was born into a family of serfc in the Poltava region in the Ukraine. His father had been able to benefit from the musical education of a freeman and entered the service of Count P.B. Sheremietiev' as a singer and a horn teacher, and Ivan Khandoshkin was thereby able to gain admission to the chapel of Peter III as a pupil-musician at the age of thirteen. I Ie studied under the famous Italian violinist Tito Porta, who served at the Imperial Court from 1743 to 1785. After the assassination of Peter III in 1762, the young musician joined the First Court Orchestra. Ai the same time, he taught in the music classes at the Acadcmy of Arts. He then took up a post with rhe German impresario Karl Knipper, the founder of the Russian Free Theatre, as choir master.

His contemporaries called him 'the Russian Orpheus' and it used to be said that '110 one who listened to an Adagio by Khandoshkin could hold back their tears', and that 'when it came to virtuosic passages, which he performed with typical Russian daring and freedom, no one who heard him could stop dancing.'

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