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Hindemith - Viola Sonata op.11 N4

Hindemith - sonata op.11 N4. You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - sonata op.11 N4 on this page. The op.11/4 Duo Sonata by Hindemith does not adhere to conventional sonata structure. The first movement is an introductory featuring a written-out viola cadenza, and leads directly into the next movement, the formal and spiritual heart of the work, a theme and variations, the piece to be played "like a folksong". Yet no genuine folksong would be written in G flat mayor, and the Eflat minor of the first variation, which soon undergoes complex enharmonic change, emphasises the autonomous principles of the two- and three-part writing, only occasionally punctuated by chords. The Indication for the second variation is "lightly capricious", that for the third "lively and very flowing", but the instruction "agitato" leaves no doubt as to the inner restlessness of the music. The fourth variation forms a stretta to the whole series. Two rising seconds form the clearly signalled lead-in to the principal theme of the third movement, with the result that this theme, the "gently flowing" fifth variation and the hectic fugato which forms the sixth all seem to be metamorphoses of the central movement. The sonata ends with a "very lively and excited" coda.

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Viola part: 8 pages. 797 K


Piano part: 25 pages. 1963 K


Viola part - First page Piano part - First page
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Last Updated on 19 August 2017
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