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Hindemith - Viola solo sonata op.11 N5

Hindemith - sonata op.11 N5 for viola solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - sonata op.11 N5 for viola solo on this page. Hindemit's Solo Viola Sonata, op.11 N5 links movements by means of analogues triple-stopping. Already in the first movement ("lively but not hurried") phrases in the main tempo are virtuosically juxtaposed with accelerated sections. The second movement is headed "moderately fast, with great warmth". Hindemith expressly asked that the rhapsodic middle section should be set in smaller type, typical of the attention to detail that pervades the entire work. The scherzo is both roguish and aggressive, while the fourth movement is a massive and richly varied Passacaglia, the first Hindemith wrote, a point which further emphasises the op. 11 sonatas' seminal place in the composer's work.

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Viola part: 10 pages. 2196 K



Viola part - First page
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Last Updated on 19 August 2017
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