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Hindemith - Viola sonata (1939)

Hindemith - Viola sonata (1939) . You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - Viola sonata (1939) on this page. In the four movements of the Duo Sonata 1939, Hindemith develops a greater linearity in the voicing. He uses F as a tonal centre, but never goes back to a major/minor tonality. The subsidiary theme of the first movement (marked "tranquil") is introduced by the viola and taken up eight bars later by the piano, but this is not an imitation of sonata form. The second movement, "very lively", is one of Hindemith's happiest inspirations. There is an interplay of lines within the context of changing bar-lengths now devoid of their old aggression. In the third movement, "Phantasie", the rhapsodic and linear elements are bound together in swiftly changing tempi. The Finale (whose opening is "slightly agitated") has an opening theme developed from the subsidiary theme of the first movement. The two variations in this movement expound upon the different characteristics of the theme: the first is to be played "a little more slowly", creating a delicate fluctuation of motion which in its gradations of quiet
and even quieter dynamics creates an atmosphere of mystery. The powerful chords and accentuated melodies of the second variation place the emphasis on the intervals which characterise the theme. Shortly before the end of the piece there is a masterly shift of tempo as a rallentando is brought to bear on the "very lively" pace, and the mood intensifies, sweeping the sonata to a triumphant close.

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Viola part: 15 pages. 1087 K


Piano part: 47 pages. 2870 K


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