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Hindemith - Viola solo sonata op.25 N1

Hindemith - sonata op.25 N1 for viola solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - sonata op.25 N1 for viola solo on this page. Solo Sonata op. 25 N1 becomes immediately apparent that Hindemith's music has become firmer in its contours, tighter in its formal construction. In this Sonata the movements are not kept within normal confines.

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Viola part: 7 pages. 280 K



Viola part - First page
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The first movement changes mood from "broad" to "sharp" to "soothing", thus establishing initial conflicts which are settled in the "very fresh and taut" second movement. Bars divided into two and three are juxtaposed with one another, the contrast being only partially conveyed. The movement ends with the figure of a repeated note following a changing-note beneath it, a technique characteristic of Hindemith's work at the time. Three notes played triple forte make a striking close to the movement. It has a totally distinctive and unified nature, like the third movement which follows it, and the Finale, whose dotted rhythms (to be played "with great expression") relate to those of the third. It is not permissible to diminish the complexity of this five movement work, but the fourth movement has become famous for the instruction in the score: "Raging tempo. Wild. Beauty of tone is of secondary importance". This contradicts the traditional aesthetic even of his own sonatas op. 11, an aesthetic in which beauty of tone could indeed not be of secondary importance, given the viola's sonorousness. The revolutionary nature of this unusual movement is also evident in its metrical construction.
Last Updated on 19 August 2017
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