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Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano

Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano

Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano. You can download the PDF sheet music Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano on this page. MASQUERADE (Maskarad) was a mid-19th century play on the Shakespearian model by Mikhail Lermontov (1814-41), a contemporary of Pushkin, and Khachaturian was asked to write incidental music for a Moscow production in 1940. He then made a concert suite from it three years later, centred on the Waltz, mainly for strings and recalling the style of Tchaikovsky. This Nocturne for viola and piano features a solo viola prominently almost throughout; the piano is much reduced here.

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Viola part: 2 pages. 926 K


Piano part: 5 pages. 3213 K


Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano - Viola part - first page Khachaturian - Nocturne for viola and piano - Piano part - first page
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Aram khachaturian ranked with Prokofiev and Shostakovich as the leading Soviet composers of their generation. An Armenian, born in the Georgian capital of Tiflis, now Tbilisi, he grew up, he said, "in an atmosphere rich in folk music, festivities, rituals, joyful and tragic events in the life of the people . . . impressions that became engraved on my memory and determined my musical thinking . . . the natural soil nourishing my work". A People's Artist of the USSR, he received several Soviet awards, and it was as a composer of film and theatre music that he was most widely successful.

The Masquerade Suite was assembled in 1944 from a set of incidental music composed three years earlier for Lermontov's play, each of the five movements reflecting a particular mood or Image in the drama. In the early postwar years the first movement of the suite, the propulsively dramatic Waltz, attained a degree of popularity on its own. The contemporaneous Russian Fantasy, however, has had little circulation. This brief piece, as dancelike as the rest of the music offered here, was composed in 1944 and first performed in November of the following year, during the first postwar observance of the anniversary of the 1917 Revolution.
05 September 2019
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