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Kurtag - Signes for viola solo op.5 (Jelek)

Kurtag - Signes for viola solo op.5 (Jelek)

Kurtag - Signes for viola solo op.5 (Jelek). You can download the PDF sheet music Kurtag - Signes for viola solo op.5 (Jelek) on this page. As a leading composer in post-war Hungary, Gyorgy Kurtag proudly declared himself a successor to his great predecessor Bartok in the words: 'My mother tongue is Bartok and Bartok's mother tongue is Beethoven'. In contrast to Bartok's intense vitality, however, his style in this viola piece is characterized by a kind of condensation of maxims.  The combination of subjective and objective circumstances figured in the "late work" of Schumann and Bartok and applies mutatis mutandis to Gyorgy Kurtag (b. 1926) - although music criticism, having recovered from the above-mentioned avantgarde mentality, no longer voices reservations of this kind. Bartok serves as the link between Schumann and Kurtag: when Kurtag says, "My mother tongue is Bartok, and Bartok's mother tongue was Beethoven," he is referring to the historically linked musical traditions of Germany and Austria, which are his special concern.

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Instrument part: 6 pages. 779 K



Kurtag - Signes for viola solo op.5 (Jelek) - Instrument part - first page
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In addition to this general connection, the works of Kurtag and Schumann reveal astonishing and fascinating affinities in terms of both literary and musical references, and the development of Gyorgy Kurtág's œuvre down to the recent chamber music he has composed for viola shows a development comparable to that which has been observed at different historical periods in the œuvres of Schumann and Bartok.
28 May 2012
Last Updated on 03 September 2017
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