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Ligeti - Viola sonata

Ligeti - Viola sonata

Ligeti - sonata for Viola solo. Dedicated to Tabea Zimmermann. You can download the PDF sheet music Ligeti - sonata for Viola solo on this page. Ligeti's Sonata for Viola Solo (1991-1994) has six movements. Each movement appears to have an ethnic aspect, as in the composer's earliest days, but this content is ambiguous and often difficult to discern. For example, a typical Romanian melody in the first movement has been subjected to Ligeti's aim of deconstructing equal temperament using overtones. In Hora lunga of this viola sonata, Ligeti evokes several types of folk music - Romanian, Andalusian, Gypsy, Hungarian. Loop must be played in the spirit of jazz. Facsar, with its crazy modulations, gives the viola player the impression of a slow movement being stretched out harmonically. The Presto speaks for itself, and with its accents makes the violist think of almost tribal music. In the Lamento, Ligeti is influenced by a number of ethnic cultures. In the case of the Chaconne chromatique, he specifies in the preface to the viola sonata that he doesn't wish to make any allusion to the Bach Chaconne.

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Viola part: 16 pages. 2769 K



Viola part - First page
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08 June 2012
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