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Roslavets - Viola sonata

Roslavets - Viola sonata

Roslavets - Viola sonata. You can download the PDF sheet music Roslavets - Viola sonata on this page. The history of the Sonata for viola and piano by Nikolai A. Roslavetz (1860-1944) is quite complicated. The sketches with the title First sonata for viola and piano were not carried to completion by the composer, and are too inconclusive to support an authentic reconstruction. In 1926 Roslavetz composed a Sonata for Viola and piano which he dedicated to W. W. Borisovsky. In his own catalogue of works only this sonata mentioned and not the earlier one, which seems to indicate that he was not particularity interested in its completion. Since Roslavetz later composed the Second Sonata for Viola and piano one can confidently call the 1926 work his 'First Sonata'. The Second sonata for violin and piano was presumably composed in the 1930's (the manuscript is undated); again it is dedicated to W. W. Borisovsky. Roslavetz does not use his own specific harmony, which during the epoch of the 'proletarian musician' was condemned as formalistic. but writes in a rather traditional tonal style in spite of this his individualism comes to the fore in the sophisticated rhythmic element.

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 29 pages. 15679 K


Roslavets - Viola sonata - Instrument part - first page Roslavets - Viola sonata - Piano part - first page
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02 November 2017
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