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Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37

Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37

Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37. You can download the PDF sheet music Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37 on this page. The Viola Concerto, Op 37, was worked 011 between 1980 and 1984, and was actually composed at the suggestion of the cellist Piatigorsky. It had a somewhat troubled gestation as Rozsa was constantly being interrupted by appeals to provide Hollywood film-scores (he put aside the concerto in order to write his score for Alain Resnais's Providence, for example). It was finally premiered in Pittsburgh in 1984 by Pinchas Zukerman, under the baton of Andre Previn. Rozsa had originally planned a concerto in the conventional three movements, but the first movement turned into 'something darker and weightier' than he had originally intended, so he felt the need to insert a contrastingly short, scherzo-like Allegro giocoso ahead of the slow movement and finale. The four-movement design somewhat resembles that of Ernest Bloch's Suite for viola and orchestra, which may have been one model for Rozsa. Another was undoubtedly Bartok's Viola Concerto of 1945; while Bartok contracted an original four-movement conception into three, Rozsa did the opposite. But the overall impression of the work is individual, darkly Romantic, and still authentically Hungarian in inspiration.

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Viola part: 21 pages. 3168 K

Piano part: 60 pages. 8912 K

Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37 - Viola part - first page Rozsa Miklos - Viola concerto op.37 - Piano part - first page
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04 May 2022
Last Updated on 04 May 2022
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