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Shostakovich - Viola sonata Op.147

Shostakovich - Viola sonata Op.147. You can download PDF of Shostakovich - Viola sonata Op.147 on this page. Viola sonata Opus 147 was the very last work in the life of Dmitri Shostakovich. He began writing on June, 1975 and, though hospitalized in the interim, had completed a first draft by July. He revised and polished the manuscript for a further month and the shaky, crabbed handwriting on the facsimile manuscript testifies to the strain of the work. "I have some difficulties with my heart and lungs," he confided in one of his last letters. "I find it difficult to write with my right hand. It was very hard, but I completed the Sonata for Viola and Piano." He never heard it performed.

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Viola part

Piano part

Viola solo part - first page Piano part - First page
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