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Zimmermann - Sonata for Viola solo

Zimmermann - Sonata for Viola solo

Zimmermann - Sonata for Viola solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Zimmermann - Sonata for Viola solo on this page. Bernd Alois Zimmermann's Sonata for Viola Solo is the middle piece of a series of three works, the other two of which are devoted to the violin and cello. Zimmermann's intention to create in this cycle an demonstrates its intellectual relationship to Bach. The Sonata for solo viola dates from as early as 1955, a time when the composer was striving to free himself from the absolute rigidity of serialism in favour of a compositional „pluralism" in which the intellectual aim dominates the compositional means. The German chorale melody "Gelobet seist du Jesu" forms the basis of the complete sonata.
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Instrument part: 4 pages. 2959 K



Zimmermann - Sonata for Viola solo - Instrument part - first page
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This tune is quoted in its entirety at the end of the work, whereas in the eleven preceding sections extracts from the chorale are sometimes analogously developed, sometimes converted into independent ideas, a technique which calls to mind the one used in Bach's Fugue in C major -although in reverse sequence. Zimmermann uses the Pachelbel technique of „anticipatory imitation" for a „meditative comprehension" of the chorale whose separate elements first all come together at the close of the work. The viola sonata is an instrumental requiem; it is dedicated to Zimmermann's daughter who died shortly after her birth, and carries the sub-title To the Song of an Angel - after the Violin Concerto of Alban Berg which carried the dedication „To the Memory of an Angel".
15 June 2011
Last Updated on 25 August 2017
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