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Bacevicz - Sonata for violin solo

Bacevicz - Sonata for violin solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Bacevicz - Sonata for violin solo on this page. The scope of the sonata consists of four movements with variations in the last one and it is an efficacious modern transformation of these great models, not only in its textures and thematic work, but also through intensity of expression and complexity, which seems to reflect the philosophical insights of the composer, a former student of philosophy at the University of Warsaw. And while her hospitable and warm home provided during occupation a repose, the incandescent First Sonata for solo violin brings a transcendence of this unbearable reality. It is achieved in part through references to Bach and his "victory over time", as she termed it.

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Violin part: 14 pages. 2257 K



Bacevicz - Sonata for violin solo - Violin part - first page
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