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Bacewicz - Violin sonata N4

Bacewicz - Violin sonata N4. You can download the PDF sheet music Bacewicz - Violin sonata N4 on this page. Grazyna Bacewicz's music style was always an individual. She instinctively and infallibly picked the right elements from the fluctuating and ever changing music of the second half of our century to enrich her individual style and creative disposition. She did not conform with continuous change of styles and fashionable trends. It can be easily found in this violin sonata N4. Hence her easy and considerate way of creative evolution, free of sudden changes and breakthroughs which appear so often in the work of other contemporary composers.

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 31 pages. 2019 K


Bacewicz - Violin sonata N4 - Instrument part - first page Bacewicz - Violin sonata N4 - Piano part - first page
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Grazyna Bacewicz was an outstanding personality. She impressed her environment with charm as well as calm and a little mysterious smile. But her character (contrasted with her gentle appearance) was strong and decisive. She was known for her persistence in achieving her artistic goals, strong inner discipline and exemplary diligence. She won international fame and a place among the most outstanding Polish composers, at the same time continuously enriching her output.
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