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Bargiel - Violin sonata op.10

Bargiel - Violin sonata op.10. You can download the PDF sheet music Bargiel - Violin sonata op.10 on this page. Bargiel's only violin sonata, the Violin Sonata in F minor op. 10, found little notice. According to the catalogue of his compositions, he wrote It -during April 1854 in Berlin. Brahms referred to it by another title, the »Violin Fantasy,« in letters to Clara Schumann In November and December 1854. The dedication to Joseph Joachim mentioned in Bargiel's catalogue did not appear in the printed edition. The gloomy character of this sonata marked by passionate pathos and its almost orchestral fullness of sound may have had to do with its time of composition. 

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Instrument part: 11 pages. 1540 K


Piano part: 36 pages. 6048 K


Bargiel - Violin sonata op.10 - Instrument part - first page Bargiel - Violin sonata op.10 - Piano part - first page
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The Beethovian inveighing against wretched fate in F minor, the key of Beethoven's »Appassionata,« his sister Clara's favorite piece, and the almost violent breakthrough to major in the rondo finale clearly point in this direction. The first theme of the first movement, Beethovian and striking, signals the same. Only the lyrical secondary theme of the first movement, which creates the impression of a quotation in homage to the late Schumann, and the slow movement in A flat major, a variation cycle (as in Schumann's Violin Sonata in D minor op. 121) on a cantabile andante theme, brighten this basic mood of gloom. The subtle chromaticism and nuances of sound in the slow movement represent some of Bargiel's best music. The last movement, a rondo pulsing throughout with impassioned energy, picks up on the character of the first movement and ventures beyond the generic bounds of chamber music in its quasi-orchestral design. All these qualities, the high technical demands placed on both instrumentalists, and the peculiar style of the music, which does not have anything epigonic about it, explain why Bargiel's violin sonata fell into such complete oblivion.
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