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Bloch - Violin Concerto (1938)

Bloch - Violin Concerto (1938). You can download the PDF sheet music Bloch - Violin Concerto (1938) on this page. In 1930 Ernest Bloch returned to Europe, living mostly in Switzerland. In Châtel, Haute Savoie, he worked sporadically on a Violin Concerto which he completed eight years later, in January 1938. Bloch himself claimed to have been inspired by American and Indian music; 'I can only say that in it there is neither Jewish inspiration nor intention'. Despite the composer's assertions, however, one cannot avoid noticing a strong Jewish influence in the tempo changes of the Allegro deciso, the rhythmic patterns of the Andante and in the melodies of the final movement. The critic of the New York Herald Tribune made the same point after the première on 15th December 1938 (given by the violinist Josef Szigeti with the Cleveland Orchestra under Dmitri Mitropoulos): 'There is scarcely a work in the whole category of art music in which Jewish associations are stronger'.

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Violin part: 20 pages. 3176 K

Piano part: 49 pages. 7256 K

Bloch - Violin Concerto (1938) - Violin part - first page Bloch - Violin Concerto (1938) - Piano part - first page
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