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Brahms - Violin Sonatas N 1-3

Brahms - Violin Sonatas N 1-3. You can download the PDF sheet music Brahms - Violin Sonatas N 1-3 on this page.

Sonata no. 1 in G major op. 78

  1. Vivace ma non troppo
  2. Adagio
  3. Allegro molto moderato

Brahms's First Violin Sonata in G major, op.78, is generally known as the "Regenlied" Sonata on account of its thematic connection with the two Regenlieder from op. 59.  Immediately after his return home, with the experience gained while writing the Violin Concerto, Brahms began work on this Violin Sonata which is associated with the Regenlieder, and was also profoundly influenced by thoughts concerning her children, above all Felix.  It is a composition full of restrained sweetness, and that longing inwardness which - as so often with Brahms -seems to laugh beneath tears.


Sonata no. 2 in A major op. 100

  1. Allegro amabile
  2. Andante tranquillo - Vivaee - Andante - Vivace di più - Andante - Vivace
  3. Allegretto grazioso (quasi Andante)

Sonata in A major, op. 100, was one of a group of works, including also the Second Cello Sonata and the Piano Trio in C minor, composed immediately after the Fourth Symphony, which in so impressive and definitive a manner carried to its logical conclusion the tradition of the classical-romantic symphony. Most clearly evident to the ear is the connection between this Sonata and the lied op. 105 no. 1, from which the second subject of the first movement was evolved.

Sonata no.3 in D minor op. 108

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Un poco presto e con sentimento
  4. Presto agitato

D minor Sonata op. 108 was created at about the same time as the preceding work but laid aside until Brahms completed it at Thun in 1888. It is difficult to decide whether the first movement or the finale is the more strongly constructed movement. The finale owes its sense of unity to the constant presence of quavers, derived from the opening motif, in the violin, in the piano bass, which also establish a link with the second subject. In the first movement it is above all during the development section, built on a 45-bar-long pedal point, that the melodic line and its counterpoint are interwoven in the violin part. -The last Violin Sonata is not merely the most advanced formally, the only one with an independent Scherzo, but it is if possible still more demanding and virtuosic in its piano writing than its two forerunners, as though from its very inception Brahms had in mind the outstanding ability of the great pianist and conductor Hans von Biilow, to whom he dedicated it.

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