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Bruch - Violin concerto N1 G-moll, Op.26

Bruch - Violin concerto N1 G-moll, Op.26. You can download the PDF sheet music Bruch - Violin concerto N1 G-moll, Op.26 on this page. The Violin Concerto in G minor by Max Bruch deserves the popularity it has enjoyed ever since Joseph Joachim gave its first performance in 1866. The engaging lyrical warmth of this concerto has ensured its permanent place in the violinist's repertoire. It opens with a brief introduction consisting of alternating phrases between soloist, woodwind and full orchestra. Then the violin introduces the main theme, which is boldly outlined and extensively developed, after which the gentler melody of the introduction returns. This material is treated to such elaborate embellishment by the soloist that there is no need for the usual florid cadenza. The movement leads without a break into the Adagio which is the real glory of the work. It presents three themes of which the first is an opulent song-like melody so spontaneous that it grows ever more haunting with repetition. After this reflective sweetness a rushing passage in the orchestra heralds the finale, the soloist bouncing in with a main tune of abandon, which has a contrasting second subject.

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Instrument part: 12 pages. 967 K


Piano part: 33 pages. 2313 K


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