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Carl Flesh - Scale System

Carl Flesh - Scale System. You can download the PDF sheet music Carl Flesh - Scale System on this page. The present edition of Carl Flesch's Scale System is based on the well-proven original which appeared some  years ago. Although the fundamental ideas conveyed in the Scale System are still valid, violin playing has undergone such rapid development over the past six decades that I felt the need to respond to the new demands of the standards it has attained today. Thus I have added fingerings in keeping with current taste, distinguishing them clearly from Flesch's original fingerings by placing his above the notes while my own suggestions sire printed below the notes. Flesch's alternative fingerings, enclosed in parentheses, also remain above the notes. It was my desire to preserve Flesch's version as the original text as it were, leaving the teacher or student free to choose between the alternatives. Apart from my own fingering suggestions, I have also added explanations about Flesch's fingerings, some of which are occasionally misunderstood. The fingerings I have supplied Eire not to be seen as "improvements" but rather as alternatives representing present-day taste ; both types of fingering, Flesch's and mine, may be practised. I do not share the opinion of numerous teachers that all keys should be fingered in a uniformed way, particularly for musical reasons, which require often different and appropriate fingerings. In many cases I have used fingerings that facilitate execution of a given passage, but sometimes the fingerings have been deliberately made difficult in order to prepare the student for the exceptions that arise for musical or technical reasons. Seemingly inconsistent fingerings for similar passages have been suggested with the intention of acquainting the students with musical and technical exceptions. Numerous, almost pedantic fingerings are meant for the as yet uninitiated student. If not otherwise indicated, the fingerings of Flesch are to be applied.

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Instrument part: 149 pages. 7926 K



Carl Flesh - Scale System - Instrument part - first page
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