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Tchaikovsky - Violin concerto D-dur Op.35

Tchaikovsky - Violin concerto D-dur Op.35. You can download the PDF sheet music Tchaikovsky - Violin concerto D-dur Op.35 on this page. Violin Concerto in d Major, Op. 35 (D-dur / ré majeur)
  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Canzonetta: Andante
  3. Finale: Allegro vivacissimo

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky dedicated his Violin Concerto, composed in 1878, to Leopold Auer, but Auer decided that it was too difficult to play and although it was published it had to wait until December 1881 for its first performance by Adolf Brodsky, with Hans Richter conducting.

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PDF format sheet music


Instrument part: 26 pages. 750 K


Piano part: 49 pages. 1116 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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The first movement opens with «a broadcloth introduction» out of which «rises the principal theme but so gradually and so inevitable that one is scarcely aware what is happening until the theme is all about one, radiant and glowing» (Hanson). The initial statement of the theme by the solo violin, accompanied by pizzicato strings, is followed by a brief cadenza which introduces a new figure based on florid chromatic passages. Arpeggios usher in the limpid second subject, which is also first announced by the soloist. After this has been developed the first theme returns, on the full orchestra,and with a martial accompanying figure on the woodwind. Magnificently showy and extremely difficult embroideries for the solo instrument lead to an elaborate cadenza, which Tchaikovsky wrote himself, and after a more or less regular recapitulation the movement ends in a mood of evermounting excitement. - The second movement, described by the composer as a Canzonetta, is a smooth and easy-flowing Andante. The finale recalls irresistibly the composer's furious statement «I am a Russian, Russian, Russian» when he learned that some were tracing both him and his music to Polish ancestry. At the outset the orchestra sets the scene with an urgent, bouncing rhythm. This is followed by a cadenza-like passage for the solo violin leading to a sparkling and vigorous dance. Ultimately the pace slackens a little and a more dignified dance replaces it.
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