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Denisov - Sonata for violin solo

Denisov - Sonata for violin solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Denisov - Sonata for violin solo on this page. The off-beat rhythm becomes the one of the types of Edison Denisov's rhythm. In his sonata for solo violin, the composer conducts his entire work in an off-beat rhythm. We can say that here is the starting point of Denisov's stylistic evolution that outlines a relationship with Shostakovich's rhythm. With all the variety of rhythm, Denisov's music is characterized by a stable rhythmic style. In this Sonata for Solo Violin, the technique of rhythmic development passes into the methods of operating the twelve-tone series, which distinguish Denisov from the classical dodecaphony of the Novovensky school. In Denisov's music, lined up in bars, the support of the rhythmic process is the sound group, which is developed through various re-metrizations, the addition and removal of heights or durations, the formation of derivative groups.

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Violin part: 11 pages. 2678 K



Denisov - Sonata for violin solo - Violin part - first page
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