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Enescu - Violin sonata N.1 Op.2

Enescu - Violin sonata N.1 Op.2. You can download the PDF sheet music Enescu - Violin sonata N.1 Op.2 on this page. Enescu's First Violin Sonata (1897), which was'written in a much more foursquare classical style dominated by Schumann, Brahms and Saint-Saens. From Faure, evidently, Enescu had acquired devices of musical suppleness, complexity and elegant understatement: a sense of linear fluidity, sonorous but delicate keyboard textures, and an elliptical harmonic language combining modal progressions with hints of chromatic voluptuousness. This sonata was dedicated to the young French violinist, and fellow student at the Conservatoire, Jacques Thibaud (and to his pianist brother, Joseph). Enespu was entranced by the passionate delicacy of Thibaud's style as a violinist and evidently tried to capture something of that elusive musical quality in the writing of this work.

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Instrument part: 12 pages. 686 K


Piano part: 47 pages. 2774 K


Enescu - Violin sonata N.1 Op.2 - Instrument part - first page Enescu - Violin sonata N.1 Op.2 - Piano part - first page
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Interviewed late in his life, Enescu described the genesis of this sonata as follows: 'At the age of fourteen, when I was walking by myself in Prince Maurouzi's garden, a theme came Into my head. I carried It inside me for three years; then, at the age of seventeen, I wrote my Second Violin Sonata in the space of a fortnight.' The work does have an extraordinary unity, mainly because of the way In which it is pervaded by the long, mysterious, harmonically suggestive and rhythmically disorientating theme which opens the first movement. Elements of this theme are developed throughout the work, in ways which not only vary the rhythmical pattern but also compress or expand the intervals between the notes, until one is left with a sense of a powerful but indeterminate musical shape behind the theme itself.
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