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Eshpai - Violin concerto N1

Eshpai - Violin concerto N1. You can download the PDF sheet music Eshpai - Violin concerto N1 on this page. Concerto for violin and orchestra by Eshpai was awarded the first prize at the VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, and then, walked around concert halls in many countries. The French company Le Chant du Mond recorded it on a disc in the series Young Soviet Music; French radio has prepared a program about it. Concerto for violin and orchestra is the first Eshpay's composition that met with music criticism not only with short compliments, but also with a thorough analysis of musical drama.

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Violin part: 22 pages. 1639 K


Piano part: 50 pages. 3378 K


Eshpai - Violin concerto N1 - Instrument part - first page Eshpai - Violin concerto N1 - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
The first violin concerto is one of Eshpay’s most harmonious works, and this proportionality extends to different aspects of the composition — its form, type of contrasts (between temperamental-dance and lyrical episodes full of passionate feeling; both of them are on the “high voltage” of emotions). One can speak of the perfect correspondence of the instrumentation of this concerto to his conception of a virtuoso, genre and national character work.
Eshpay's violin concerto showed that the author is already fluent in the secrets of the concert genre. This composition is an example of a concerto of a classical type with a brightly developed cantilena, a traditional ratio of parts. Its origins are in the concerts of Mendelssohn, Brahms, Glazunov. The classical musical form is saturated with brightly, peculiarly implemented national elements, which even more brings together the compositions of the student and the teacher. The work of Eshpay differs in the virtuosic texture of the solo part, which is clearly expressed by the national basis of the musical language, using elements of Mari folklore. This violin concerto is dedicated to Edward Grach - the first performer of all violin compositions by Eshpay.
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