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Eshpai - Violin concerto N2

Eshpai - Violin concerto N2. You can download the PDF sheet music Eshpai - Violin concerto N2 on this page. The second violin concerto by A. Eshpai is an especially interesting composition: this is a new level of Eshpay's creativity, more steep than all previous ones. Concerto was composed in 1977. The second violin concerto has such qualities that can be explained only by the extraordinary depth of the author's intention. The Eshpay style is characterized by bright picturesqueness, multicolor colors and rhythms, a stormy artistic temperament. The second violin concerto can be compared with symphonies. The second concert for violin and orchestra is dedicated to the memory of N. Myaskovsky. And this dedication is deeply logical. After the performance of the Second Violin Concerto by the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in Mexico City, in the spring of 1981, the reviewer wrote: “The work of Eshpai is very interesting, brilliantly orchestrated and attracts with various effects. There are episodes that seem to “soar in space”, are outside of this world. The result is a striking effect. The soloist's part was simply fantastically performed by Edward Grach, who clearly coped with all the difficulties of the composition. It leaves a feeling of acute contemporary work that speaks in an absolutely clear language of tonality”.

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Instrument part: 14 pages. 1310 K


Piano part: 44 pages. 2784 K


Eshpai - Violin concerto N2 - Instrument part - first page Eshpai - Violin concerto N2 - Piano part - first page
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