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Flesch Carl - Basic Studies for Violin

Flesch Carl - Basic Studies for Violin. You can download the PDF sheet music Flesch Carl - Basic Studies for Violin on this page. In these Basic Studies, the author has tried for the first time to remedy this deplorable state of affairs, by offering to all violinists who have but one half hour daily at their disposal for mechanical studies, that is to say to teachers, orchestral musicians as well as amateurs of ability ), a series of exercises, in shape of a condensed extract of the technical needs of the violin. It comprises the elements upon which the entire general violin technic, in its infinite number of variations, is based and reared.
This system was compiled ten years before I thought of publishing it. I used it for my own practice, when for one reason or another (especially while traveling) I wished to reduce my work to a minimum without retrograding.
The fact that this system is based solely on the anatomy of the two arms, and that it contains nothing that is not essentially natural in the true sense of the word, may explain the success with which it has been practiced by those pupils to whom I have given it.
It is these pupils who have insisted that I publish it, giving as their principal reason, that I had not the right to withhold for my personal use a remedy for an evil almost universal.
I have acceded to their request, in the hope that this publication will serve to improve not only the technic of my colleagues, but also their physical and moral well-being so greatly depressed by the fear of failure. In conclusion I should like to add that I shall find myself amply repaid if with this publication I have succeeded in providing my colleagues of the orchestra and teaching fraternity with a means to improve and retain their technic, which has been acquired in so mar/ cases, at the price of years of labor.

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Instrument part: 19 pages. 2678 K



Flesch Carl - Basic Studies for Violin - Instrument part - first page
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During the past thirty years there has been an extraordinary increase in exercising material for the violin. In addition to numerous complete and detailed methods, every specialized branch of violin playing, even if of secondary importance, has been taken up, discussed and taught in exhaustive publications specially designed for instructive purposes. If at this late day I am venturing forth to enlarge this enormous mass of instructive material with a new work it is only owing to the fact that these Basic Studies (Urstudien) will benefit and appeal to a certain class of violin players who, up to the present time, have been completely neglected by teachers and pedagogs in general.
Methods and exercises, in use up till now, are all designed in such complete and exhaustive a manner that only advanced students or prospective soloists, in a position to devote many hours of daily study to their practice, can ever hope to arrive at anything like satisfactory results.
On the other hand, the greater majority of violinists, composed of orchestral musicians, teachers and amateurs have rarely more than one hour daily at their disposal for studying purposes. Considering that one-half of this time would surely be necessary for the immediate needs of the player's repertoire, only one-half hour remains for purely technical work. Up till now the literature of the violin could boast of no complete technical work which would enable any heure, qui pourrait leur faire atteindre ce but. Inutile player to attain this end with one- half hour's study per day. It is then that these troubled souls are seized with the wildest ideas. They dream of a single study, short yet good Which will unite all the virtues, and supplant all other studies. One believes that he has found salvation in trill exercises, another practices only the wrist movement, .and there are still others who see only in harmonics and pizzicati of the left hand the greatest depth of violinistic knowledge. All such endeavors can only result in gradual but certain technical decadence which every concientious, striving artist cannot fail but perceive.
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