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Godowsky - 12 Impressions for violin

Godowsky - 12 Impressions for violin. You can download the PDF sheet music Godowsky - 12 Impressions for violin on this page. Godowsky Twelve Impressions for violin were dedicated to Kreisler and his wife Harriet. Also, Four impressions for cello (phrased and fingered by Hans Kindler), arrangements of pieces adapted for violin, were similarly dedicated.

ATTENTION! Please, see the content of the Violin and piano parts, to ensure that you will get the sheet music you need!

Violin Part (incomplete):

  1. Larghetto Lamentoso
  2. Legende
  3. Perpetuum Mobile
  4. Elegie
  5. Valse
  6. Orientale
  7. Saga
  8. Viennese (Wienerisch)

Piano Part:

  1. Larghetto Lamentoso
  2. Profile (Chopin)
  3. Legende
  4. Tyrolean (Schuhplattler)
  5. Poeme (Andante Cantabile)
  6. Perpetuum Mobile
  7. Elegie
  8. Valse
  9. Valse Macabre
  10. Orientale
  11. Saga
  12. Viennese (Wienerisch)
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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 15 pages. 2160 K


Piano part: 68 pages. 9203 K


Godowsky - 12 Impressions for violin - Instrument part - first page Godowsky - 12 Impressions for violin - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Godowsky's hands always reflected the mood of the music he was propounding. One of Godowsky's most meaningful discoveries came early in his career. In a bid to quickly increase his repertoire, he practiced twelve to fourteen hours a day. This grueling schedule taught him the importance of relaxation. He would play at night just for his own pleasure after working the entire day, and found that his weariness caused his arms to fall at his side under their own weight. Godowsky became increasingly determined to use his newfound fame and stability to further his international performing career. Following Anton Rubinstein's lead and inspiring the composer-pianist to do likewise, Godowsky presented a comprehensive series of eight concerts devoted to a wide range of the piano's literature. His endurance, technique, and communicative skills were now beyond question or compare.
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