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Hindemith - Violin Concerto

Hindemith - Violin Concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - Violin Concerto on this page. The culmination of all Hindemith's works for violin was the Violin Concerto which he composed in late 1939. It is one of the most directly emotional, frankly passionate, of Hindemith's later compositions. It breathes a spirit of anger, tension and energy; we may easily relate it to the period of its composition: one of personal upheaval for the composer, in the opening months of a new World War. Hindemith originally intended it for the violinist Georg Kulenkampff, who as we have seen was one of the few German musicians who had attempted to champion his recent works.

This is Hindemith's one 'big' violin concerto and it exploits to the full the instrument's grandest manner. Hindemith begins with a timpani solo: a tense, irregular heartbeat-figure that grows beyond the bar-line, over which the violin immediately presents the intense, songful first theme. The mood is serious, with sudden bursts of mercurial energy. A certain calm is associated with the second subject, but its air of unconstrained lyricism never quite manages to dominate the proceedings. The development begins with a harsh, militaristic orchestral tutti.

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Instrument part: 16 pages. 2398 K


Piano part: 34 pages. 5190 K


Score: 109 pages. 28484 K


Hindemith - Violin Concerto - Instrument part - first page Hindemith - Violin Concerto - Piano part - first page Hindemith - Violin Concerto - Score - first page
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