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Honegger - Violin sonata N2

Honegger - Violin sonata N2. You can download the PDF sheet music Honegger - Violin sonata N2 on this page. Sonata N2 for violin and piano by Arthur Honegger organically fits into the overall picture of European chamber music of the late 10s and 20s. At the same time, the originality of the composer’s creative inclinations is clearly manifested in them. In his works for solo string instruments and chamber ensembles, Honegger willingly uses the sonata form. This is evidenced by his Second violin sonata (1919). Criticism noted that Honegger is one of the few contemporary musicians who creatively own the form of a sonata. The composer finds new combinations of the ensemble participants: for example, in this sonata the instruments each perform with their own theme, and the polyphony is preserved to the end, emphasizing the “individuality” of each musicians. However, Honegger does not stylize the techniques of the old instrumental practice, just as the classical sonata form does not leave untouchable. Under the influence of modern trends, he organically fuses slender classical forms with new means of expression (complex language, polytonality, jazz rhythms).

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Violin part: 5 pages. 1298 K


Piano part: 18 pages. 3352 K


Honegger - Violin sonata N2 - Violin part - first page Honegger - Violin sonata N2 - Piano part - first page
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