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Khrennikov - Violin concerto N1 op.14

Khrennikov - Violin concerto N1 op.14. You can download the PDF sheet music Khrennikov - Violin concerto N1 op.14 on this page. This Violin concerto opus 14, composed in 1959 and dedicated to Leonid Kogan, who became its first performer. This is the earliest composition, in terms of the time of its composition, in the present recording. Nonetheless, the features of the composer's mature style are felt here in full measure. The three-movement cycle, typical of Khrennikov, is permeated by a classical system of contrasts. The first movement, in which the subsidiary theme group, with a recognizable oriental color, punctuates the energetic primary theme group, the purely lyrical middle movement and the finale are expressions of absolute energy. The classical scheme of contrasts seems to be presented here in a "pure" form, without dramatic complications and distortions of the customary contour of this kind of cyclical succession.

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Instrument part: 22 pages. 818 K


Piano part: 60 pages. 2194 K


Khrennikov - Violin concerto N1 op.14 - Instrument part - first page Khrennikov - Violin concerto N1 op.14 - Piano part - first page
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