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Khrennikov - Violin concerto N2 op.23

Khrennikov - Violin concerto N2 op.23. You can download the PDF sheet music Khrennikov - Violin concerto N2 op.23 on this page. Second violin concerto by Tikhon Khrennikov has rhythmical simplicity and clearness, monumentality and integrity of the form, harmonious courage and expediency. Courage should manifest a simple harmony, but not a complicated one, since those days it was very courageous to take a simple triad. Simplicity and lucidity of style, domination of a violin melody as a principle (because melody is the key element of music expressiveness) and dynamics - are the three formal features characterizing true compositions of Khrennikov's epoch.

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Instrument part: 17 pages. 581 K


Piano part: 45 pages. 1749 K


Khrennikov - Violin concerto N2 op.23 - Instrument part - first page Khrennikov - Violin concerto N2 op.23 - Piano part - first page
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One of the outstanding features of Khrennikov's image as a composer has always been and still remains the unique and brilliant talent to always adhere to melody as a source for composition. When Khrennikov began to compose this concerto op.23, he faced a number of contradictions that characterized music epoch of those days, when melody itself was of minor importance. Quite recently, just a couple of decades ago, composing melodious music was considered to be nearly a bad manner. Tikhon Khrennikov was always among those who never forgot about melody, who did not betray his principles in search of positive reviews from influential critics. And he usually proved to be right.
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