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Kabalevsky - Rondo for violin op.69

Kabalevsky - Rondo for violin op.69. You can download the PDF sheet music Kabalevsky - Rondo for violin op.69 on this page. Rondo for violin and piano, op. 69 by Dmitri Kabalevsky is a virtuoso piece. Violin Rondo was composed specially for the Second International Tchaikovsky Competition. It was included in the program of the second round, as a piece, mandatory for all violinist contestants.
Despite the virtuosity of this technically challenging play, it has a rich musical content. Kabalevsky could not write an insignificant, externally spectacular play. Refrain is distinguished by motor, energy [author's note: Allegro assai (quasi Presto) ben rítmico]. Music boils like a mountain stream. This violin piece has three episodes. The second stands out particularly - his cute melody is close in spirit to many song themes of Kabalevsky; there is in it intimate sincerity and touching simplicity. In general, this work embodied masculinity, emotional activity, a great power of energy.

Kabalevsky perfectly feels the rondo form. And in the considered work the composer managed to achieve a strict proportionality of the parts, their subtle interaction. Thus, in the second episode, Kabalevsky skillfully combines the melodious piano melody with the theme of a refrain from the violin (then the violin and the piano “change places”). The impetuous, “rotating” movement of the main theme arises very naturally, supporting the internal rhythmic pulse that is felt throughout the piece.

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Instrument part: 7 pages. 358 K


Piano part: 19 pages. 1002 K


Kabalevsky - Rondo for violin op.69 - Instrument part - first page Kabalevsky - Rondo for violin op.69 - Piano part - first page
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